Information on MDI; safe handling, transport, storage, disposal and emergency actions

Safe handling of MDI

NIOSH  National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory. MultiVapor (TM) Version 2.2.3  Computer tool for estimating breakthrough times and service lives of air-purifying cartridges used with MDI.

ACC CPI  Industrial hygiene air monitoring methods for MDI and TDI   Methods and equipment suitable for monitoring diisocyanate concentrations in air.

Transport and storage of MDI

ACC CPI Guidelines for receiving and unloading MDI.

ACC CPI Guidelines for the transloading of Polymeric Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanates (PMDI).     

ACC CPI  Guidelines for diisocyanate storage tank systems  

ISOPA  Guidelines for the safe transportation, unloading and storage of packaged TDI and MDI  Also in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch

ISOPA  Guidelines for the safe loading/unloading, transportation, storage of TDI and MDI in bulk.   Also in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch


Disposal of MDI

ACC CPI  Guidelines for the responsible disposal of wastes and containers fom polyurethane processing


Emergency actions

ISOPA  Emergency response manual for transport of TDI and MDI.

ISOPA  Dealing with fires involving MDI and TDI.

ISOPA  Videos of emergency exercises involving MDI and TDI


Information on MDI; properties, health and environmental aspects.