About the Institute

The principal aim of the Institute is to promote the safe handling of MDI and TDI, with respect to the workplace, the community and the environment.  The Institute promotes safety in the production of MDI and TDI, and their precursors, by sharing production safety and health information as appropriate, among member companies and regulatory agencies, as well as with producers who are not members of the Institute.

TDI and MDI are the basic chemical ingredients used in the manufacture of resilient polyurethane foams for bedding, furniture cushions, carpet underlay and padding, and transportation seating. They are also used in rigid foams, primarily for insulation, but also in a diversity of other applications. Polyurethane elastomers and coatings based on MDI and TDI are used in shoe soles, automotive panels, electrical insulation components, adhesives and sealing compounds.

The Institute currently has 20 member companies which are located in the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. To qualify for membership, a company must be engaged in the manufacture of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and/or diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), must be approved by the Institute and must agree to uphold the purposes and objectives of the Institute.

The activities of the Institute are focused in a variety of ways, including laboratory and workplace studies, preparing texts for use in product stewardship and sharing safety information on the production of MDI, TDI and their precursors.Studies are carried out in member companies, in the workplace and in the laboratories of research institutions such as universities. There is liaison between industry and other experts to ensure that studies are as meaningful as possible in terms of real life situations.

The Institute collaborates with other industry associations in promoting good product stewardship of MDI and TDI handling worldwide; it undertakes no direct involvement with the users of MDI or TDI. It prepares texts and videos based on its findings, thereby promoting meaningful and consistent messages to industry associations, who liaise with downstream producers.

Contact us: office@iiiglobal.net